Sep 2, 2009

Gmail failure today.

Well it happened again, after last February  there was one more outage  of Gmail for some hours today.

But ...  a small remark -  What was down and not functioning was  only Gmail's web interface - Email Servers were up and running and we could send-receive through POP / IMAP agents.

And that was the case with (almost) all major Gmail failures - no real service interruption.  I am sure it will make headlines tomorrow but nobody (well .. almost) will mention this fact.

Hm .... It has started already : "This is one of the reasons that corporate e-mail has not moved to the cloud," said Tim whatever, president of Creative Strategies in Campbell. "Under no circumstances do they want to have the system taken down."

Hope somebody tells this guy of Creative Stratospheric Disasters  in Com(p)eBackToFortran  that most of Corporate Email is in the cloud already one way or the other.

For system admins that were prepared for this it was really NO EVENT at all.

And ... for people asking what this has to do with Application Engine  the answer  is obvious :
This (non) event will be used by people of   BackToEarthFromCloud  camp   to spread around FUD  (Fear Uncertainty Doubt)  for cloud computing in general - just because they were very late in this game or they do not really understand it. :)

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