Sep 12, 2009

Server Instance Life time (part II)

I got some remarks on the above mentioned post today at :
Following is my response :
"server-instance-life-time"    "that's not my experience.  In the early days an instance of my app  would live for about half day between hits,"  Well it depends on how we define 'early days' - I am talking about circa  May 2008 since when I started keeping an eye on instance life time. It used to be a some seconds value, now it is something like a minute  class value for me.  I do not dispute other values given by some members of the group here since (I) some other -  application specific parameters could be possibly (?) -  used by the environment to  determine how long it keeps an instance running. And (II) ... may be a particular application has a request served by a new instance although previous instance is still up and running. ? (just food for thinking).   Anyway I do not see the point made by Mr. BJ√∂rn Lindqvist of pinging at 5'' intervals.  It is a waste of recourses (let's think Green !). There are other solutions even if his numbers are right. i.e: {I really hate this initials reminding me of Internet explorer}  think ...  of a static landing page which will ping the server preparing it for successive visits etc. etc..  If we are talking about sub 30'' lifetime something must be really wrong, why you don't try a with a simple 'hello-world- application' to check the figures.  By the way, i have a handler which was always giving me red figures in the vicinity of 1000 + cpu_ms. I was happy to see it going purple at around 750 cpu_ms since a week or so without me touching anything for this particular handler.  Anybody else experienced something similar ?   Happy coding  Nick

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