Nov 24, 2010

Re: Policy for instance startup

Not been a Googler can't help much with this.
Having said that, I suspect there is a kind of build in algorithm that
does some kind of application profiling taking into acount QPS,
response times, and other parameters which adjusts instance life time,
number of instances to start etc..
This could possibly explain the difference in behaviour between your
staging and production appls.

happy coding;-)

Nov 14, 2010

World Countries and IP geocoding API for App Engine

I have been writing here again and again about the inherent problem that App Engine based Applications have in using third party API’s with quota limits based on ip addresses since all of those are served from the same block of ips alocated by Google  © and therefore have to share those quotas with other applications hosted on App Engine using the same service.

Today I am happy to offer a free IP geocoding and world countries information service API and hope this solves to some extend the problem of Server side IP geocoding for fellow App Engine developers.

Detailed service description and more information is provided here : "World countries API"

Happy coding:-)