Aug 30, 2009

Google Maps API V3

I was doing some work with  Google Maps API V3 during last couple of weeks,
and here are some of my experience with this version.

  • Very small footprint and quite fast.
  • Although in Beta I think it is quite stable to be used in production - if of course you are ready to follow with latest developments and fixings.
  • A small but annoying bug I discovered (for which I filled a ticket : along with a work around)
  • A tip : Since there is no way to hide-show the zoom - pan and Map type selection controls through api you have do it by writing some javascript 
        var housediv=yourmapObject.getDiv();
        if (housediv.childNodes[3]) { 
            housediv.childNodes[3].className = myClass 
            housediv.childNodes[4].className = myClass 
         // if exist 
        //controls reside in childnode[3] and [4] of container div 
        //rest is done with CSS class where you can hide-show or change the opacity

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