Dec 9, 2015

MongoDB 3.2: Now Powered by PostgreSQL ?

Having said that MongoDB is listening to developers/ecosystem some months ago, today I have read an article MongoDB 3.2: Now Powered by PostgreSQL by @jdegoes that contradicts my own experience.
I will not categorize this article as one more mongophobic article that makes headlines from time to time here and there  like: 
Although I understand writer has some personal interest as he has invested in mongoDB Analytics, I have to admit that he is making a case that technically looks very sound to me "flattening out the data and using a different database to execute the SQL" is not the way to go for MongoDB BI solutions.
I also agree with much of his arguments when he tries to describe of what is going wrong with mongoDB's ecosystem.

Still I am not as pessimistic as the writer and I hope that:
  • a) This connector to BI tools is only a temporary quick fix solution and there are better tools coming in the pipeline.
  • b) MongoDB will listen to his arguments and comes with a revised policy regarding its partners and the ecosystem at large.
    The story of how $lookup ended up been part of community edition makes me believe that mongoDB can do that.

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