Apr 21, 2010

New Warning message in logs

Any body noticed following new warning on their logs ?
04-20 04:02PM 48.495
This request caused a new process to be started for your application, and thus caused your application code to be loaded for the first time. This request may thus take longer and use more CPU than a typical request for your application.
Very helpful and useful in many ways (code optimization etc.)
Oh ! just a short commend : could it be a little less verbose ? thus not waisting so much valuable space in logs database etc ?


  1. what causes this message ? I'm clueless

  2. This is an information only message meaning that App Engine had to spawn a new instance for serving a request because last one had expired as a result of inactivity.
    See my posts about server-instance life time :

    Happy coding -:)

  3. same warning i m getting also i m seeing very slow performance.. need advice