Jan 3, 2010


 Today I published beta I of geognos my little application hosted in the cloud by google app engine.
You can select and visit any country from here: http://www.geognos.com , or may be take a look at my own country here: http://www.geognos.com/geo/en/cc/gr.html
If you do not like it you can blame only me, since I have done all the staff my self (css, Html, Python - javascript , 4 different API interface programming etc. etc.)
This site is a mashup of 4 APIS and shows textual and visual (thanks to: Google Visualization API ) information for all countries of the world. Users can navigate to different countries by selecting a country from the compo box provided in top right corner of each page or from the links provided in home page.  
For each specific country a live map provided by Google Maps API v3 is included. The map provides the functionality (move, pan, zoom, etc.) of Google Maps. Right clicking on any point of the map pops up an information window displaying geographical information about this point (Latitude Longitude, PO Code, city, country etc.) User can also navigate to points of interest (capital, cities, neighboring countries etc.) of the particular country by using the selector box provided in page top.
Interesting photos from the country are displayed (courtesy of panoramio.com api) on the top right part of the page. users can view a bigger photo by clicking on one of the thumbnail photos shown in photo region. Also photo's geographical coordinates and other information is shown on the map. This information is presented translated to user's language thanks to Google AJAX Language API Clicking on the bigger photo displays a real size of the photo on top of the map region. Users can navigate to next-previous set or photos by clicking the respective arrows located at the bottom of thumbnails. Clicking on the "play" button located between the left right arrow puts the photos on a "slide mode" which is activated when user clicks on "left" - "right" button. While in "slide show" mode photos are auto-displayed until user clicks on "pause" button. Slide show is self terminated after a number of photos, in order to eliminate over-demand on the servers. Clicking on the left "=" button synchronizes photos with the contents of the map at that time and displays only photos located on the region included in the map, try this after moving - zooming the map.

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